Physician Staff

Physician staff offer a wide range of medical and surgical services to a variety of populations in communities of all sizes. The Staff at Colorado Spine Partners perform physical exams, diagnose and treat spine conditions, order and examine diagnostics, offer patient's preventive health care advice, assist in spine surgery, and prescribe medications.

Meet the Colorado Spine Partners team:

Toreen Ovind, Colorado Spine Partners

Toreen Ovind, BSRT

Dr. Jatana's Team

Toreen Ovind has worked in the medical field for over 25 years. She has worked with Dr. Jatana since 2000, handling patient communication, authorizing surgeries and ensuring that patients have all the information they need during and after their appointments. Toreen has also served as a radiologic technologist in Littleton, Colorado and Minot, North Dakota. Toreen understands that patients are often apprehensive when they find themselves in a situation they never expected. She enjoys being part of a team that has the best interest of patients at heart and goes above and beyond to deliver a positive experience to patients.

Toreen earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in business administration from Minot State University, and studied radiologic technology at the Minot School for Allied Health.

Renee Schuster, MMS, PA-C

Dr. Ghiselli's Team

Renee Schuster, MMS, PA-C has been working with me since 2007. She received her Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant studies from Midwestern University and joined the Virginia Spine Institute in 2001 where she completed a fellowship in spine surgery. She prides herself in advancing her spine-specific knowledge and skills for the benefit of the patients that she has the privilege of treating. She truly enjoys spending time with patients, educating them on their condition and treatment options, and assisting in surgery.

Heather Weber, PA-C

Dr. Jatana's Team

Heather joined Colorado Spine Partners at the beginning of January, 2020. She assists Dr. Jatana in the operating room, as well as in the clinic setting.

Heather completed her education in the state of Nebraska, where she was also a member of the Division I Women’s Soccer Program. Prior to working at Colorado Spine Partners, she practiced in orthopedic spine surgery in Omaha, NE, hand and upper extremity in Kearney, NE, as well as in dermatology in Grand Island, NE. In 2016, Heather moved to Denver, CO and returned to her roots in orthopedic spine surgery. Building positive relationships and developing a constant support system for patients and their families makes working as a healthcare provider wonderfully rewarding for Heather. She strives to always provide the best care possible, listen to her patients, advising and supporting them with any decision they choose, just as she would want for someone in her family.


Karen Cason, PA-C

Dr. Wong's Team

Karen Cason is from Kansas City and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas where she studied Health Sports and Exercise Science. She attended the University of Texas in Galveston for her Masters of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies. She spent ten years in orthopedics, physical medicine, and rehabilitation before joining Dr. Wong's team in 2023. Karen assists in surgery and sees patients in our clinic, where her favorite thing is seeing her patients progress and feel better.


Haley Richmond, CMA

Dr. Wong & Dr. Johnson's Team

Haley Richmond moved to Colorado from Kansas City and joined Dr. Wong’s team in 2018. Haley has worked in the medical field for over 20 years as a medical assistant. Haley works closely with patients and hospitals to coordinate surgery and communicates with insurance on our patients’ behalf. Her favorite thing about her job is making meaningful connections with patients and helping them have a positive experience in and out of the office.

Haley loves Colorado, she enjoys an active lifestyle including hiking and spending time in the mountains as often as possible.


Valentina Agasieva, CNA

Dr. Wong & Dr. Johnson's Team

Valentina Agasieva, CNA is the most recent addition to the team, she has been in the medical field since 2017. Valentina coordinates patients in clinic. She also communicates with referring and primary care physicians to ensure our patients’ medical teams are well-informed. Valentina speaks fluent Russian since she moved to the US from Russia at the age of six. She enjoys meeting new patients and helping them on their healthcare journeys.

Lina Scarbossa, CMA

Dr. Wong's Team

Bio coming soon.

Natasha Livenshou, CMA

Dr. Ghiselli's Team

Natasha Livenshou, CMA is the most recent addition to my team but has been a medical assistant for over 15 years in general surgery and internal medicine. She coordinates my patients in my clinic. Natasha also communicates with your referring and primary care physician to ensure your entire medical team is well-informed. Natasha enjoys meeting new patients and helping them along their healthcare journeys every day.

Lillian Varedi, CST

Dr. Jatana's Team

Lillian is originally from Hilton Head, South Carolina, and moved to Denver and joined our team in 2024. She has been in the medical field for over 25 years, as a surgical technologist in general and dermatological surgery. Lillian has enjoyed the transition to a clinical setting because she gets to help patients throughout their healthcare journey, not just in surgery. Lillian coordinates our patients in clinic and also communicates with your referring and primary care physician to ensure your entire medical team is well-informed.

Eymonee S., MA

Dr. Ghiselli's Team

Eymonee joined our team in 2024 and has been in healthcare for more than seven years, mostly in neurology. She works closely with patients and hospitals to coordinate surgery and ensure your surgery process is a smooth one. Eymonee is also the one that communicates with insurance on your behalf. She prides herself on her patient advocacy and patient care.