Patient Testimonials

“I am happy to have Dr. Ghiselli as my doctor. I have the greatest trust in his skill, competence, judgment and I really appreciate his “office-side” manner: interested, approachable, compassionate, and genial. I’ve heard great things about Dr. G – that’s how I found him – and now I’m out there saying great things too, because they’re true!”
- 63 year-old, female patient

“Thank you so much Dr. Wong! I much appreciate everything you’ve done. Thank you for being my doctor, I will always be grateful for your wonderful expertise and help.”
- 23 year-old, female patient

“Dr. Jatana was always very accommodating regarding my concerns and questions and although he was very confident that surgery was a good remedy for my migraines, he never pushed surgery on me. I have been symptom-free since my surgery and feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life.”
- 57 year-old, male patient

“Dr. Ghiselli is an outstanding surgeon. I am very confident in his abilities. I feel as though Dr. Ghiselli listens to ALL of my concerns, and ADDRESSES each one of them. I highly recommend him, as I am very pleased with my results.”
- 51 year-old, female patient

“I am so very grateful for Dr. Wong. My constant nerve pain is gone and I look forward to enjoying life again as it should be enjoyed. Thank you for your expertise!”
- 64 year-old, female patient

“After my surgery, Dr. Jatana and his staff were always available to address any concerns that I had. I am now two months post-surgery and have not felt this great in years! I highly recommend Dr. Jatana to anyone suffering from neck or back pain. You couldn't ask for a greater group of people. They make you feel welcome and they are truly concerned for your wellbeing.”
- 43 year-old, female patient

“I have had an excellent experience here at Colorado Spine Partners. Everyone has been extremely caring and kind. I would highly recommend Dr. Ghiselli. In fact, I already have.”
- 47 year-old, female patient

(Written on a postcard from Panama) “Thank you so much Dr. Wong for making this trip possible for me!”
- 65 year-old patient

“Dr. Jatana was very compassionate and empathetic. He provided me with a good understanding of surgery and he walked through the procedure more than once. I knew he specialized in the procedure I was having done and I had no problem putting my life in his hands. I would gladly do it again."
- 52 year-old male patient

“I am VERY happy that I have my life back! Dr. Ghiselli and his team are directly responsible for this.”
- 39 year-old, male patient

“I always feel at ease. I have all the confidence in the world with Dr. Ghiselli and Renee.”
- 71 year-old, female patient

“Your team has been great! Very encouraging and willing to answer questions – from simplistic to the more complicated.”
- 43 year-old, female patient

“You all rock and I could never say enough amazing things about you!”
- 36 year-old, female patient